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MerCruiser Maintenance Tips

Taking the best care of your MerCruiser Engine is making sure you perform the recommended routine maintenance.. Below is an outline of service that needs be done on a regular basis. A more complete guide for taking care of your MerCruiser can be found in your engine operator's manual. . At no time, should any of our recommendations take precedence over information found in your engine operator's manual. This is maintenance you many wish to perform yourself or you may have an authorized MerCruiser dealer perform the maintenance for you.

Recommended MerCruiser Maintenance

20 Hrs

50 Hrs

100 Hrs


Change Engine Oil*


Replace Oil Filter*


Replace Carburetor Fuel Inlet Filter*



Check Engine Alignment



Check Water Pump/ Alternator Belts*



Lubricate Propeller Shaft


Change Water Separating Fuel Filter*



Check Battery Electrolyte Level*




Tighten Engine Mount Fasteners*



Check Hoses/Cooling System Hoses for Leaks*



Check All Electrical Connections for Tightness*


Tighten Engine Mount Fasteners*



Lubricate Throttle & Shift Linkage Pivot Points




Check Fuel Pump Sight Glass for Leaking Diaphragm




Check Exhaust System for Leaks



Inspect Zinc Anodes - Replace If Necessary*



Inspect Propellor for Possible Damage*




Check for Loose, Damaged or Missing Parts*


* Refer to engine operator's manual for details

This service schedule is based on normal operating conditions. Under severe operating conditions, service intervals should be shortened.

Click Here For Outboard Motor Preventative Maintenance Schedule